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Instagram Ads

Advertising on Instagram has been shown as a fundamental piece in the strategy paid social of many of the companies. In this case, together with Facebook, it has positioned itself as the sector leader in average spending on advertising campaigns.

 We have Instagram Ads specialists, given that we attach great importance to this channel, especially for brand recognition and the scope it provides, especially among the youngest segment since the average age in this media is 18 a 24 years, at reduced costs compared to other media.

The difference is in the small details, that’s why our team supervises the advertising campaigns on Instagram, from the beginning of the process of creating the Instagram strategy, as well as the fine-tuning and rigorous control for the optimization of these. In this way, we can obtain the best possible results from our campaigns.

To develop a good strategy correctly to achieve the goal and objectives set, we need a good methodology. At The Magiicians we begin with two clear points, the client, which we do an analysis of his current situation to extract all the needs and a study of the buyer persona.

With this data collected, it is time to implement the goal we intend to achieve along with the objectives pursued, in this way we can correctly raise the strategy without leaving the margins marked in advance.

Once we have the strategy, we start with the launch of the different campaigns for their subsequent monitoring.

Once we have launched and monitored, the time of analysis begins to extract the most relevant data from the campaigns and, of course, the continuous improvement that should be done to all campaigns.


Closeness to the ideal customer
One of the great possibilities that Instagram offers is to tell stories, with multiplied reach, you can generate a closer relationship with the client.
Increase engagement
Instagram is a network to generate long-lasting relationships, by doing advertisement engagement can be improved considerably.
Increase ROI
The conversion rate improves ROI considerably, in fact advertising on Instagram is one of the strategies that has the highest rate.
Cheaper advertising
It is one of the most economically profitable platforms, if we compare it with others such as LinkedIn.
In the Digital world everything can be measured, in the case of Instagram it would not be less and with the data of its own tool and some external ones, we extract all the data.
Knowing your buyer persona
Thanks to the data, we know much better how it behaves and how is our ideal fictional client.

Q- How do I advertise on Instagram?

A- Just by having a Facebook page and a business account on Instagram, you can advertise on this social network.

Q- What tools do you use?

A- We use the best tools on the market to improve our campaigns and obtain the best results.

Q- What benefits does it bring to my brand reputation?

A- The reach of Instagram in advertising is huge, so brands do not miss this opportunity to improve the image and have a greater reach.

Q- Can I sell products on Instagram?

A- Yes, The integration of the product catalog from Facebook allows the possibility of selling through this tool.

Q- What kind of segmentation can be done in Instagram Ads?

A- In the same way as Facebook, one of the greatest advantages of advertising on Instagram is the wide range of possibilities it offers you to the segment.

Q- What are the advantages of Instagram Ads?

A- Advertising on Instagram has many benefits, such as generating brand awareness, selling products on Instagram, or having a wider range of publications. There are endless possibilities.

Q- How much do Instagram Ads cost?

A- It depends on your situation, the investment you want to make, and the objectives that are pursued. What we can always ensure is that we are clear and transparent.

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