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An SEO Analysis is the starting point of any organic positioning strategy. When analyzing each of the elements that affect the positioning of our website, we can define which are the points to improve and you can establish a specific action plan that contributes results.

In the magiicians we analyze all the factors that influence SEO to make sure that the search engines are able to find the content that we want to position and that they consider relevant to the users. This will be achieved by ranking the web site in the top positions of the search results pages.

Each website is different, so we can’t start working without doing a deep SEO analysis. We analyze and evaluate the factors that are affecting the Web site indexing at the present time and we detect the opportunities of improvement that will make the site increase its visibility at organic level.

The client is the epicenter of everything. Therefore, we work diligently offering, at all times, a kind and close treatment to get the customer satisfied.

To do this, we rely on the needs identified to define a goal in line with objectives, developing an optimal and individualized SEO strategy.

We offer our optimization services focused on improving SEO Optimization, which begins with the elaboration of an SEO audit, followed by the definition of an SEO strategy according to the needs of each project.

And, of course, counting always with the best-personalized service and the best-qualified team.

These are some of the benefits that provides a good SEO analysis to a company, regardless of its size:

It helps to understand the current situation of a website.
It’s aligned with the company’s objectives.
Good practices
It is checked if good practices and positioning recommendations are being followed in Google for webmasters.
Avoid penalties
It allows you to detect if you are taking punishable actions by Google to revert them immediately if yes or avoid them at all costs if they are not used.
On-page / OFF-page
Both on-page and off-page factors are analyzed.

Business Knowledge
In short, it is a good starting point when starting a more complete SEO Audit and with a knowledge of the previous business.

Q- What is SEO analysis of a website and how is it done?

A- A SEO analysis is to check the current status of the factors that affect the positioning of a Web site in search engines such as loading speed, image optimization level, the configuration of URL parameters, the existence of duplicate content and so forth.

Q- What tools are used in an SEO analysis?

A- There are a lot of tools specialized in SEO analysis starting with Google’s own SEO tools such as Google Search Console Or Google Analytics, Google’s own search engine and others like Screaming Frog, Sistrix, Ahrefs, etc.

Q- What is an on-page SEO analysis?

A- An on-PAGE SEO analysis is to check the current status of the factors that affect the Positioning a website on Google and other search engines within our own website, such as loading speed, image optimization level, URL parameter configuration, duplicate content existence, etc.

Q- What is an off-page SEO analysis?

A- An off-page SEO analysis is to check factors that are external to our website but affect their positioning, as the quantity and quality of the links that point to our website, the composition of the text’s anchor, etc.

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